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Our sites located in Deland on International Speedway Blvd, South Woodland Blvd, and in Orange City are under new ownership. The new owner (LUV Car Wash) is working diligently to continue to provide the fanatical level of service that Sporty's customers have come to expect. Sporty's Car Wash in NSB will remain unaffected by this change, and we look forward to building and opening our Daytona location in the near future. For any questions related to Sporty's in NSB or Daytona please give Sporty's a call or contact us via Facebook.  If you have questions or concerns for the LUV Car Wash team, please visit your preferred Deland or Orange City wash site.
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If the new vehicle which you wish to use with your membership has the same license plate as the previous vehicle, your wash membership will work properly without update. If however the vehicle has a different license plate than the previous one, you must visit our site in person to update the information.
To update your credit card information, please visit any one of our locations in person.
Once you suspend your membership, you may reactivate it at any time by visiting a wash site and speaking to a manager. If you do not reactivate your membership for 60 days, the membership will automatically reactivate and resume billing your credit card. If you wish to suspend your membership for more than 60 days, it is reccomended that you cancel your membership and purchase a new one when you want to reactivate it.
To reactivate a suspened membership, please visit one of our sites in person and speak to the manager.
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