Welcome to Democrats Abroad's 2022 Overseas Voter Experience survey!
This survey is open to U.S. and dual citizens who resided outside of the United States in 2022 and are at least 18 years of age.  It is designed to gain insights into the overseas voting community and capture your experiences voting from abroad in 2022.
The survey is broken down into six sections:
1. About You
2. Requesting Your Overseas Absentee Ballot
3. Receiving Your Overseas Absentee Ballot
4. Returning Your Overseas Absentee Ballot
5. Use of Voter Help Resources
6. Additional Feeback (optional)
The estimated completion time is 10-15 minutes. All responses are anonymous, and will be reviewed by Democrats Abroad leadership on a strictly confidential basis. 
Ultimately, we're striving to learn from you to make voting from abroad easier in future election cycles -- from reducing administrative barriers to better educating legislators and election officials stateside to providing more robust support to overseas voters.
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