If you are a Passionate and Crazy Die Hard Fan of TV Shows, Series and Movies, Read On!

At TransPerfect/Translations.com we are looking for Speakers of several languages who LOVE to watch TV shows, Movies and Video Content to join our Fantastic worldwide network of Fans/Freelancers to work in our new platform on a variety of Innovative, Fun and Daring projects related to the Entertainment Industry (Transcription, Translation, Subtitling, etc).

In the next pages, we are going to see how big of a FAN are you!  Which will help us to have you quickly onboard on the Best projects, After you have sent your application, we will review the information and get back to you as soon as possible with the next steps to become our next Media RockStar!

About our NEW Platform

Let's Keep it SIMPLE! - Media.Next is a revolutionary technology platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver simplicity and productivity to the media localization to the entertainment industry.

Let's be FAIR and bring Everybody onboard!  - Media.Next will level the field for all super talents not just those from major cities and well-known talent spots, we know that there are far more talents out their just raring to go and we want YOU!

About YOU

- Native Speakers of several languages who LOVE to stay awake all night watching his/her favorite TV Show!

- Excellent listening, writing and spelling skills in your native language. (Aka: Someone who knows by HEART the favorite lines of a Movie and can type them down!)

- Attention to detail. (Are you The One who always see in the movie what anyone else don't? We need you!). 

- Flexibility, ability to adapt and react to changing priorities quickly and efficiently. (In other words, someone ready to grab some popcorn and start working with a NEW series)

Thank you for applying and we hope to welcome you into our FANDOM soon!