Welcome and thank you for your interest in working with TransPerfect!
Currently, we are running a study on video data collection that will help improve doorbell camera systems. We are looking for people of different backgrounds and ages (including children from 5 years old).
During the study, participants will be asked to simulate different situations ringing a doorbell (with different angles, distances, and lights). These situations will be recorded with a doorbell camera. The information collected will be used to improve AI products and services.
The test is currently running in New York City.
Participants 16-60 will be paid $50 and participants 5-15 and 61+ will receive $75 (via Check, PayPal or Amazon Gift Card). 

Also, if you know someone who might be interested in participating, please help us spread the word by sharing this link. We are offering a $10 referral bonus.
IMPORTANT: All your data will be kept confidential and access to it will be limited to those who conduct the study.
Please continue to the next page, if you:

- Are of legal age (18+). If you are a minor, you must ask your legal guardian to fill this out.

- Have availability to perform the task in the following weeks.

- Are OK with the nature of the tasks described above.

Thank you for signing and we hope to welcome you into our project soon!