• All plant orders must be picked up during your selected time slot at the new Greenhouse Learning Center at 318 N Lincoln St., Stillwater.

• Please pull up to the north side of the headhouse in the designated Poinsettia Parking spots.

• Please plan to pay with a credit card or check. Checks need to be made out to OSU Horticulture.

• Once you pull up to pick up your order, roll down your window to tell us your name. DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR. We will load your order in your vehicle. Please have your vehicle cleared ahead of time for us to place them in the vehicle.

• While you were able to select your variety online, you will not be able to pick the specific plant from the greenhouse. We will work to select the best quality plant of that variety for you.

• Thank you!
4.5" Elfin Desk Size Red
(217 remaining)
4.5" Elfin Desk Size Red/White Speckled
(136 remaining)
6" Deluxe Table Size Red
(815 remaining)
6" Table Size Dark Red
(64 remaining)
6" Table Top 'Winter Rose' Red
(119 remaining)
6" Deluxe Table Top Orange
(0 remaining)
6" Table Top Marble (Yellow leaves with pink patch in middle)
(44 remaining)
6" Table Size Red/White Speckled
(45 remaining)
6" Table Size 'Ice Crystal' (Red leaves with a white patch in the middle)
(51 remaining)
6" Table Size Pink
(30 remaining)
8" Stately Display Red
(5 remaining)
8" Stately Marble (Yellow leaves with a pink patch in the middle)
(4 remaining)
8" Stately Pink
(2 remaining)
Specialty Crop Kale (2 plants)
(9 remaining)
Specialty Crop Dianthus (2 plants)
(28 remaining)
Specialty Crop Lavender (2 plants)
(2 remaining)
Specialty Crop Anthurium (2 small plants)
(23 remaining)
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