4-H Has Talent

Sing a song, do a dance, tell a joke or just do something unusual!
Get the chance to show your skills on stage in front of 4,000 fellow 4-H members, parents, volunteers, and county agents.

DEADLINE April 3, 2017

  • Submissions must be appropriate for 4-H youth.
  • Intermediate and Senior aged 4-H members are allowed to participate in this contest.
  • Teams may be one age category or a combination of both intermediates and seniors.
  • An individual and/or team (max seven members) may only submit one video.
  • Five finalists will be selected by an expert panel of judges.
  • The five finalists will perform during Texas 4-H Roundup on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 during the evening assembly.
  • After all performances, the audience will have the opportunity to vote via text messages to select the winner.
  • Top two entries selected at Roundup will win cash awards.


Participant Name (First & Last) and Age (Maximum of 7 participants.)
Participant 1
Participant 2
Participant 3
Participant 4
Participant 5
Participant 6
Participant 7