Request to Officiate in the FC Memorial Challenge

Thank you for your interest in wanting to officiate in the 2020 FC Memorial Challenge Indoor Soccer Tournament which is held January 30th - February 2nd, 2020. Games will be boarded (at all the Edmonton Centres, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan and possibly Leduc) and non-boarded (games will be at the Scottish Dome.
Although first priority will be given to those that officiate in the zone, due to the number of teams involved, we often need more officials to make the tournament a success.
To be eligible to officiate you must be currently registered with ASA and be on the Eligible Indoor Referee List (this will be checked).
Please also be aware the more availability you have, the more likely it is that you will get assignments.
If you could please complete the following form. You will be contacted by the Assignor if/when required. As we use an assigning system Assignr.com, part of the process will require signing onto this system. Also as we prefer to pay via direct deposit banking information (void cheque or bank direct deposit form) will be required.
DO NOT USE THIS FORM IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON ASSIGNR WITH EMSA NORTH as an email will be sent approximately a month before the tournament, requesting your availability etc.
Please complete this form until you get to the page that states Thanks For Completing This Survey.
If you have any questions please email our assignor Paull Cameron @ refpaul@emsanorth.ca.

Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in officiating in the 2020 FC Memorial Challenge