This form is a form to see who is interested in becoming a referee (Mini Referee or Youth Referee) or upgrading from EMSA AR to a Mini Referee or Youth Referee for EMSA North this upcoming outdoor season so planning can take place. By completing this form it will give us an indication as to what interest there is for each course. If you are already an existing official you should not be using this form, unless you are upgradingUpgrading means one or more of the following:
1. You are currently an EMSA AR and wish to become a Mini Referee
2. You are currently an EMSA AR and wish to become an Entry Level Referee
3. You are currently a Mini Referee and wish to become an Entry Level Referee
For clarification as per ASA you need to be 14 years old by May 15th, 2019 to be able to take an Entry Level Referee Course. To take the Mini Referee Course (to officiate U9 games) you need to be 12 years old by May 15th, 2019.
The courses are tentatively scheduled for the weekend of April 7th-8th for the Entry Level Referee Course and April 15th for the Mini Referee Course. There will be a cost which will also be advised when known. This can be paid online or at the EMSA North Office. Please check on our website at www.emsanorth.com for updates. Once the course details are confirmed you will be advised by email. Please do not register more than once.

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