This form is a form for those that are interested in becoming an official (Mini Referee, Youth or Entry Level Referee or EMSA AR) for the 2021 outdoor season and are wanting to do games for EMSA North, that are not currently registered in any course (including cancelled courses due to COVID-19 for 2020).
For clarification as per ASA you need to be 14 years old by May 15th, 2021 to be able to take a Youth/Entry Level Referee Course. To take the Mini Referee Course (to referee U9 games) or EMSA Assistant Referee (AR)Course (to be an assistant referee for some U11 games and U13-U19 games) you need to be 12 years old by May 15th, 2021. The Mini Referee Course also includes AR training. It is therefore recommended if you only want to be an AR to take the Mini Referee Course.
It was recently advised by ASA that Mini Referee Courses will not be offered for the 2021 season. This could be changed, so you do not miss out, please complete this form so that we can contact you (via email) when these courses are on offer. If you are 14 years old as of May 15, 2021 and were looking at taking a Mini Referee Course it is highly recommended that you do the Entry Level Referee Course. EMSA North will be offering additional training for new Entry Level Referees so they can also officiate U9 games.
Entry Level Referee Courses will be held online with a Practical Session. The sequence is as follows:
1. Register for an EMSA North hosted Entry Level Referee Course
2. Complete online modules (done via refcentre.com)
3. Attend webinar class (done via Zoom)
4. Complete online exam (done via refcentre.com)
5. Attend Practical Session (location to be advised)
Paull Cameron
EMSA North Referee Director
If you have any questions please contact the Referee Director, Paull Cameron @ refpaul@emsanorth.ca

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