Please read the following notes before going onto the next page:
1) Please be mindful of gym size (noted in square meters for each booking), when making your request. Due to safety reasons we are unable to grant gyms that are deemed to small for a team's age group.
We recommend the following gym sizes per age group:
U5 & U7  Less than 350 m²
U9 & U11: 350-400 m²
U13 & U15: 400-500 m²
U17 & U19: Over 450 m² (*preferrably over 500 m²)
2) Please pay close attention to rental costs. School gyms cost $3.30 to $13.50 per hour, depending on their size. City of Edmonton facility gyms cost $47.20 per hour.
*Community teams: please check with your Soccer Director if you're authorized to request a City of Edmonton facility.  
City of Edmonton facilities:
Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre
Central Lions Recreation Centre
3) We will be returning gym bookings to the City of Edmonton on a weekly basis, 18 days in advance from the booking date. Bookings will be removed from this form periodically on Fridays at 9 AM. Please plan ahead to request additional gym bookings.
4) Post-season gym bookings:
ENZSA holds a significant amount of gym bookings for post-season (mid-February to mid-March).  These bookings will not appear on the City of Edmonton website. If you are looking for post-season gym bookings, please check here first before going to the City of Edmonton website.