2018/2019 Return of Gym Time Form
In order to return gym time to the City of Edmonton, EMSA NORTH requires 18 days notice.
If you know your team will not be using the gym on a specific night due to low attendance/tournament/exams, etc. please fill out the below form.

Should your team fail to let EMSA NORTH know that you will not be in attendance or give less than 18 days notice - your team/community will be fined a $50.00 no-show fee as well as the rental fee for your time slot.

Please note that the EMSA North office is only open on regular business days (Mon-Fri)

Deadline for returning gym time to the EMSA North office is: 12:00 PM on BUSINESS DAYS ONLY.
Anything received after 12:00 PM or on the weekend will be considered to be received the next business day.

Any time cancelled or returned by a team will not be replaced by EMSA NORTH.


Return of Gym Time