E-Book: Understanding Katie

Hosted by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum, creator of S-CAT® and President & Director of the SMart Center and SMRI, this book offers a comprehensive perspective from a selectively mute child. Understanding Katie is a beautiful and engaging picture/storybook detailing a day in the life of Katie, a child with Selective Mutism. Through her experiences at home and school on a typical school day, readers gain insight into the everyday struggles and triumphs of children with SM. Parents can learn from Katie’s mother as she helps her child through anxious moments of her day, and children with SM will identify with Katie and take comfort in knowing that there are other children “just like them”. The inside illustrations are in outline form, allowing children to personalize their “Katie” books by coloring the pages.
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We ask that you make a small donation, such as $10, to the Selective Mutism Research Institue for access to this content. All proceeds for this e-book will be used towards the education and public awareness of Selective Mutism.