E-Book: Supplemental Treatment Guide to Understanding Katie

Hosted by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum, creator of S-CAT® and President & Director of the SMart Center and SMRI, this book offers a supplement the story book, "Understanding Katie," in order to help others understand Katie's feelings, explain Katie's actions, and to introduce tactics/techniques for parents, teachers and treating professionals that can be used in order to help and offer support to a child with SM in times of stress and frustration. By reading "Understanding Katie," adults involved in the life of a child with Selective Mutism and social anxiety will hopefully begin to comprehend how this child feels and perhaps learn productive ways in which to help. For individuals learning about Selective Mutism, there are certain important concepts to understand. The Supplement Guide goes over in detail, necessary therapeutic terms and that should be used to help the child suffering in silence.To truly understand how to HELP the child with SM, individuals need to "SEE" Selective Mutism as a true communication anxiety.
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