Available Assistance for SMart Center Families.

Your application will qualify you for all financial award opportunities below.
Outside organizations are not eligible for financial assistance rates.



  1. Financial assistance awards (reduced program fees) are offered to qualifying families and based upon family size, income, and any special circumstances.
  2. Financial assistance awards are dependent upon appointment availability.
  3. Eligible In-person and telehealth consultations services include:
      - Initial evaluations/treatment (ie. jump start and intensive programs).
      - CommuniCamp™ 3+ day and 1 day programs (ie. intensive group program).
      - Testing/assessments.
      - School consultations for established patients (*Only if the family is required to pay. Ineligible if school opts to pay).
  1. These grants are offered to qualifying families in financial need based upon family size, income, and any special circumstances.
  2. A stipend of $1,000 is awarded to a qualifying family which will go towards select SMart Center Services.
  3. These grants are only applicable to 3+ Day In-Person CommuniCamp program and any pre-requisite appointment (i.e. Selective Mutism Evaluation/Interview; SCAI Psychotherapy Appointment)
  4. These grants are limited grants and are only granted once per family to attend CommuniCamp.
  5. These grants are only applicable to the CommuniCamp date agreed upon and cannot be transferred.


  1. All income will be verified annually for all families who wish to be eligible for reduced program fees.
  2. Acceptable means of income verification are:
    • Pay stubs for everyone who works in the household
    • Most recent years tax form AND/OR annual income verification
  3. Any changes in income or family size MUST be reported to the SMart-Center immediately. These changes include:
    • Family Income Changes:
      • Obtaining employment, becoming self-employed
      • Loss of employment, loss of business
      • Change in wages - increase or decrease
      • Becoming eligible for or ineligible for: unemployment, workers comp., disability, SSI, SSD, child support, retirement benefits
      • Bankruptcy filings
      • Becoming a landlord, manager, or caretaker
      • Begin payment or receipt of child support
      • Change in responsibility for account
    • Family Size Changes:
      • Marriage
      • Change in domestic partner living arrangements
      • Divorce or separation
      • Birth
      • Death
      • Adoption
    • Name, address, and phone changes

The definition of “Family” for the SMart Center is: Mother, Father, Children, Significant Other, Spouse, and any dependent adult or child who is supported by the family unit and benefits from the combined household income. Roommates do not qualify as “Family.”

How to apply:

Complete and submit the application in its entirety along with the three following means of income certification and circumstance for our board to review (all information is kept confidential):

  1. TWO recent pay stubs for everyone who works in the household,
  2. Current income tax forms (page that verifies total annual income), 
  3. Brief Letter stating your situation.  

Instructions on how to submit your application:

You can send us your completed application and required documentation one of two ways:

1. Complete the electronic application below through this secure portal


2. Print this form and mail the application with the three additional required documents to:

SMart Center

ATTN: Financial Assistance Application (Confidential)

6044 Creekside Drive

Flourtown, PA 19031

Please allow 2 weeks for a member of our team to review your application. For questions or further information about fees, please contact us at 215-887-5748 or by email smartcenter@selectivemutismcenter.org

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