Guided S-CAT® Virtual Playdates & Get-Togethers

Join SMart Center counselors as they facilitate play time and get togethers from a distance using Dr. Shipon-Blum's S-CAT® strategies/interventions and the Social Communication Bridge® weekly through a variety of activities.
We have three groups:
Virtual Playdates for tots 3-5 yrs old
Virtual Playdates for children 6-9 yr olds
Virtual Get together's for tweens/teens 10-18 yr olds.

Registration is $40 per session, per child, and you can choose to participate in as many as you like.
The link to join the group will be emailed the morning of the group ensure that everyone who signed up recieves the link.

Please note that families who successfully crossed the Social Communication Bridge® followed up consistently so ongoing support is recommended for treatment success.

Your child/teen is not required to have a formal diagnosis of Selective Mutism to participate and learn from this group.

If you'd like to learn about SM and the evidence-based treatment we use at the SMart Center (S-CAT®), please considering watching Dr. E's 'What is Selective Mutism' free webinar. (share with teachers too!)

Email us if you have questions on groups or our evaluation/treatment and school services.

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Virtual Playdate for Tots Registration: 3-5 yr olds. Friday 2-3 PM EST

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Virtual Playdate Registration: 6-9 yrs old: Wednesday 3-4 PM EST

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Virtual Get-Together for Tweens/Teens Registration: 10-18 yrs old: Friday 4-5 PM EST

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Please complete the following information to complete your registration.

Session login information will be emailed prior to the session.

Informed Consent

I hereby authorize the SMart Center to conduct therapy for my child. 

The clinician facilitating this treatment group is providing services as part of his/her advanced clinical training in the doctoral program in Psychology, and I agree with this arrangement. I understand that my case will be discussed and reviewed with a licensed psychologist who is providing supervision and oversight to care.

I understand that I will not receive a refund in the event I need to cancel my registration. If I give the SMart Center 24 hours' notice, I will be able to transfer my registration to a future date/time. 

I understand that information disclosed during the course of therapy is confidential and may not be released without my consent, except in limited situations, including but not limited to the following: potential harm to self or others, a medical emergency, specific court orders, suspected or reported child abuse/neglect, abuse of an older adult, or when services are not paid for in a timely manner.

I, the client (or person acting for the client), agree to pay this office’s fee of $30/session/child. 

I have read and agree to the informed consent policy above. *

Cancellation Policy

We do not provide a refund if you need to cancel your registration. We understand that sometimes things come up so if you're unable to attend, we will provide a one-time registration transfer into the same group at a future date if 24-hours' notice is given.

I have read and agree to the cancellation policy above. *
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How to Submit Payment: (Only Credit Card Payments Accepted)
Please click continue and when you proceed to the payment page, select "Check out with PayPal."  You are not required to have PayPal account. Select "Do not have PayPal account," and you will have the option of entering a credit card of your choice. A confirmation email will be sent to the first email address listed on this form once you complete the registration form. A second payment confirmation will be sent to you through PayPal once your credit card payment is processed.  *You can also call (215-887-5748) and provide your credit card number if you are more comfortable. 
Please call our SMart Center Events team at 215-887-5748 for help completing your registration!