E-Book: Easing School Jitters for the Selectively Mute Child

Hosted by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum, creator of S-CAT® and President & Director of the SMart Center and SMRI. This third edition guide book, "Easing School Jitters for the Selectively Mute Child" is an updated version of the first edition. It is a down-to-earth informational book that will provide advice in an entertaining manner. Every colorful page is filled with facts, helpful ideas, reasons that Selectively Mute Children feel the way they do, and an interactive section where parents can work with children to help them list, draw and write about the things that make them feel good about themselves and see the positive aspects of school. The final chapter of the book is an Ask the Doc- Frequently Asked Question which focuses on common school-related dilemmas that the child with SM may experience and offers an easy-to-understand approach for handling various situations and issues. The book is a must for parents, teachers and treating professionals trying to help the child with SM conquer his/her fears, worries and communication difficulties within the school environment.
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