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School Training Interest Form


School Consultation Description & Pricing

School Consultation Description

This service, conducted by phone or web-conferencing, is designed to aid in the support and coaching of school professionals working with a student with selective mutism, social anxiety, and/or extreme shyness. This is an opportunity for an open dialogue between school personnel and our clinical team to promote understanding of a child/teen’s social communication challenges, the recommended strategies for increased social communication, and how adjustments can be made given the needs of the specific school. We can discuss 504 or IEP plans during these consultations. This service includes a professional review of our school assessment form, one hour or thirty-minute session time, and a clinical summary report including supporting articles/handouts.

Program Fee with Jennifer Brittingham MA, LPC

A 1 hour session is highly recommended for an initial school meeting to be most successful

30-minute consult $300 | 60-minute consult $500


Please Note

*This service is not eligible for insurance reimbursement

*If the school is paying for this service, they must provide a purchase order or signed contract

*School Consultations are conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays between 9:30am & 12:00pm EST. 

Contacting Your School

If you have not discussed a school training with your school, we recommend contacting your point person (classroom teacher, counselor, etc) to REQUEST the training. You may call or email with the following sample language:

“Hello, as you know our child has been having communication challenges within the school environment. We recently had [student name] evaluated and diagnosed with Selective Mutism, a social communication anxiety disorder from the SMart Center. We learned a lot during our evaluation/treatment program and would like to schedule a training with our school team and the SMart Center to educate and discuss strategies to help [student name] gain more comfort and communication within the school setting.” 

Checklist Items

Have you given SMart Center consent to speak with your school team?
FORM: Release of Information  *
Preferred Service Length
We recommend a 60 minute session for your initial meeting or if more than 3 people in attendance *
Do parent(s)/guardian(s) wish to attend this school consultation?

NOTE: We find that school professionals often feel more comfortable asking questions & discussing student support without parent(s) present. Nevertheless, it's okay with us to have parent(s) join if desired. We also send a post apt report as a way for everyone to review what was shared in session. *
Who will be handling the service payment? *
Who will be the main point of contact for scheduling the appointment? *
School Consultations are typically conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays between 9:30am & 12:00pm EST. 
If your team is unable to meet during these times please put your scheduling preferences below so we can try to accomodate.  Please be aware that we are very limited in alternative time options.
Are you ready to schedule your School Consultation?
Someone from our team will reach out to the main scheduling contact with next steps * 🛈
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