2021 TAKE CHARGE Application Young Adults Program

The TAKE CHARGE® Young Adults Program is a 2-day program for people living with MS and their support partners to connect, receive coaching, and work together to find solutions to build a brighter future.
To apply, please review the information below and complete the following questions:
- There were will be two separate sessions offered:
June 19 & 20
June 24 & 25
- The two day program will run from approximately 11:00am-6:15pm EST each day. Please note that if accepted to the program, you are expected to attend the entirety of the two day program
- You can apply for one or both sessions, but may only be selected for one. Each session will have limited space available, so not everyone who applies will be accepted .
- Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to include a support partner who can attend with you. Support partners can be anyone in your life - spouse/significant other, family member, child over the age of 18, friend, etc. The program offers coaching & information specifically for support partners.
- Selected participants, including support partners, will be expected to participate fully in both days of the program.
- All you need is a webcam, a reliable internet connection with access to Zoom, and a quiet place. Please note that some sessions will require persons with MS and support partners to be connected in separate rooms on their own individual devices.
- Each day, we will offer optional light stretching/yoga. We recommend that you check with your healthcare team before participating so you stay safe during the program.
Applications must be submitted by 9am Eastern on Monday, April 19. You will hear the status of your application by Wednesday, May 5.

Please check out the Can Do MS Website - CanDo-MS.org. If you have any questions, please contact Can Do MS at 1-800-367-3101 or email info@CanDo-MS.org.
Which session of the Young Adults TAKE CHARGE Program can you attend (please check both if you can attend either session)? *
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