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We are excited that you are considering joining our company as a Field Service Engineer.
After you complete this technical assessment,
and if you are selected, you will then be scheduled for a final telephone interview. 
Take your time, and please answer each question. 
There is no time limit. 
Good Luck!  "Be Sure and visit our website at www.f2onsite.com

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Our Field Service Technicians perform break/fix service calls at the customer location. What statement best describes your thoughts on dealing with frustrated customers? *
Our Hardware Technicians & Engineers are required to be certified in various technologies. The good news is, we provide certification and training at no cost to you! Do you have any concerns about any training program (all are done virtually) *
Our Field Service Technicians service a territory radius of up to 50 miles. Are you willing to drive to various customer locations? *
Are you interested in both full time and part time work? *
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How many years have  you worked on computers and/or printers?
I have performed Hardware Replacement on the following units:
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In the past, which of these services have you performed? Please choose all that apply

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Do you have reliable and economical transportation to travel to several locations in one day? *
Do you have a cell phone? *
If yes, what type of cell phone do you have? *
We require that you are able to accept, update and manage your calls each day. Do you have a reliable computer and internet at home? *
Do you have a Printer at home? *
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Are you currently working? *
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Certain customers of F2OnSite have very strict policies
regarding the criminal, civil, driving history, credit history and/or government security clearance of our staff who are on site at a customer location.
F2 encourages all qualified candidates to apply. Note that certain positions
will require the applicant to pass background report and drug test
(according to their specific criteria) before you can commence working. 
If you have questions, please feel free to reach out and discuss with your F2 recruiter. 
Additional Questions
Do you have any Certifications in any of the following: *
Have you ever worked for the following companies? *
Please confirm the following: *
F2OnSite does not have a mandated Covid-19 vaccination policy. However, many of our customers do have a requirement.

Except where prohibited by law, our Customer require some F2 employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, unless the Company grants an exemption or deferral as an accommodation for valid religious or medical reasons.

Are you vaccinated, or do you have a valid religious or medical reason not to be vaccinated? (in case our customer requires such) *
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We will be in touch shortly, if you are selected, you will have another telephone interview within the next 48 hours.  Be sure and visit our website at www.f2onsite.com
F2Onsite is an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate against anyone due to their sex, age, race, disability, ethnicity or any other factor.