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May 2021
All our fish are farmed in land or at sea, along the Hengchun Peninsula, Pingtung County in South Taiwan. The fish are processed within 2 hours from harvesting - they are degutted, descaled, cleaned, individually vacuum packed and flash frozen at -70 deg c. Our fish are all certified hormone & antibiotic free, and are on a diet of fish meal from Ocean Feed. Read more about our fisheries here.
我們所有的魚都在陸地或海上養殖,沿著台灣南部的屏東縣恆春半島。魚在收穫後2小時內進行加工 - 將它們去除,去除氧化皮,清潔,單獨真空包裝並在-70℃下快速冷凍。

1. The minimum order is 1 Fish Box or a selection of items that add up to at least S$120.
最低訂單為1 Fish Box或一系列物品,總計至少 S$120。
2. Enter the quantity you wish to purchase in the boxes on the left column (next page).
3. Click 'Calculate' before proceeding to enter your delivery/ collection & address details. 
4. Click 'Continue' to view Order Summary. 
5. On Order Summary page, click 'Continue to PayPal' to complete the transaction. 
6. Form will close on 19th May 6:00pm

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