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You must complete a typed one-page essay explaining why you believe you should be selected to attend the New Braunfels School of Choice. Please include any extraordinary life circumstances that have affected your school experience. Also, if you have experienced excessive absences, course failures, discipline problems or other issues that have affected your high school success, you must address these issues in your essay, along with what changes you have made or intend to make to correct these issues and achieve your goals.

Attach your essay to this application. Hand written essays must be legible. School of Choice staff will examine factual information included in your essay, organization of your essay, and your writing ability.

I have read and understand the attached School of Choice Information Section of this application. Please detach this section and retain it for your information.

I understand that I must remain enrolled in my current school, until I am given written notification of acceptance into the New Braunfels School of Choice.

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Out-of-district students are required to upload a transcript and end-of-course exam scores.

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