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You can share in our vision of spreading God's Word throughout the world through the work of Daystar missionaries. When you participate in ACH (Authorized Clearing House ) giving, your donation will be transferred conveniently from your checking or savings account, as designated below, directly to Daystar Baptist Missions, Inc. All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive a tax deductible receipt. All donations provided to Daystar Baptist Missions, Inc. originating as ACH transactions comply with U.S. law.

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Signature (please type your first and last name)- I understand that by typing my name and submitting this form I am authorizing Daystar Baptist Missions, Inc. to initiate electronic debit/credit transactions from the account listed above. If the date you chose for the transaction is too close to the time we received this notice it will begin the following month. This authorization will remain in effect until Daystar Baptist Missions, Inc. has received written notification from me of its termination in sufficient time to reasonably act on it.
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