Prescreening Form

This form is for the purpose of "Prequalifing" you for one of our rentals.  
In no way does this guarantee approval.
Please drive by the property before scheduling an appointment to view it.
Do you have rental history (exclude living with family or friends)? *
You must make 2.5x to 3.0x's the rent to qualify.
Check all that apply: *
If you are recieveing a student loan be prepared to provide your CURRENT award letter.
If you are recieving Child Support it must be court ordered to be considered.
Are you getting assistance from a program? (i.e Section 8) If yes, please explain: *
Do you have any PG&E bills in collections? If Yes, can you pay off the total due? *
Do you have any criminal history within the last seven years? *
Have you every been evicted? *
Have you ever been asked to move? *
How did you hear about our company? *
Please allow 48 hours for a response.
Thank you for your interest!
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