Thank you for your interest in showcasing your school at the 2017/2018 Leader in Me Symposium! On the day of School Tours, attendees will visit one Leader in Me school in the community. A highlight of every event, these tours provide the opportunity for schools to highlight how they are building the next generation of leaders. Attendees will see first-hand how leadership is infused into the modeling, environment, curriculum, instruction, and traditions at each campus.

Chosen schools will typically have between 40-80 guests visiting their school. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose the school they wish to visit on the first day of the Symposium. This final list of attendees visiting will be provided to the school at the end of day one of the Symposium. 

Guests will be utilizing the Leader in Me Framework as a referenece during their site visit. It is highly encouraged that chosen School Tours use the Framework as guide to prepare their visit.


 School Tour guidelines & information:
• The school visits are two hours in length.
• School sites will receive two complimentary seats to the Symposium.
• Applications must be submitted by the deadline below. Applications submitted after the deadline will be on a waitlist.
Deadline for applications:
November events: October 1, 2017
December events: November 1, 2017
January events: December 1, 2017
Febuary events: January 5, 2018
March events: February 1, 2018
April events: March 1, 2018
*CONFIRMATION emails will be sent approximately two weeks after the above application due dates.

School Contact Information

School Tours for the Columbia, SC Symposium will be on day 1 (Thursday, February 22), not day 2 of the event. Please check that you understand if your school is selected you are able to host a tour on February 22.

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