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Congratulations on completing your Kilroy’s College Correspondence Course. In order to continue to improve our courses and our level of service to students, we value feedback from you. Therefore, if you could take a few moments to complete this questionnaire, we would be most grateful.

1. What were your reasons for taking the course? (Please tick one or more of the following) *
5. Did you find any particular section of the course rather difficult? *
9. Tutor Feedback: Please indicate your level of satisfaction with your Course Tutor. *
10. Have you previously completed a correspondence course with Kilroy’s or any other college? *
If the answer is Yes, please fill in the details below:
 Title of CourseApproximate Date of CompletionName of College

11. Below are a series of statements. Please respond by ticking the box you feel most reflects your opinion. *
 Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The course fulfilled the objectives set out in the brochure
The course satisfied my own needs and expectations
The material presented had practical relevance
The course content built on prior learning and experience
The course handouts and material are relevant and up to date
The tutor provided constructive feedback on assignments which was of benefit to me
Assignments were returned corrected within a reasonable time frame
The Enrolment Process was handled competently
Any dealings with administration staff were dealt with in a satisfactory manner
12. Would you recommend this course to a friend or relative? *
13. If you answered Yes above, you are invited to use the following space to give us details of friends or relatives who you feel would like to receive information on our courses.
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