Exponor 2019
US4- Space Only Stand Design Submission Form 

Deadline Date: April 19, 2019
For questions, comments & concerns, contact the Kallman Worldwide Exponaval Operations Team.

Julia Malara | Exhibitor Services
JuliaM@kallman.com | Office:+1 201 251 2600 ext:138

Why do I need to submit a Stand Design to Kallman Worldwide??

As part of the USA Partnership Pavilion, we ask as a courtesy that a drawing or plan of the proposed booth installation be submitted for review. We also ask that you include your stand builder’s onsite contact information so we can be of assistance if needed during the buildup. We, as the organizers of the USA Partnership Pavilion, want to ensure its overall cohesiveness with our design as well as identify any conflicting items that will disturb neighboring companies. We appreciate your efforts in making Exponor 2019 our best year ever!