42nd Annual Legislative Breakfast on Mental Health Evaluation

Thank you for attending the 42nd Annual Legislative Breakfast on Mental Health Building Access to Care: Paradigm, Possiblity, and Partnership. To help us maintain a high level of quality, please provide us with feedback by filling in the information below. 
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Special Guest Speaker: Debra Farrington
Friday Center facilities
Quality of food
Special Guest Speaker: Mandy K. Cohen, Secretary of NC DHHS
Interesting Exhibitors
Maneuverability of the room set-up - Trillium Dining Room
Convenience of registration
Legislative Panel Q&A with Rose Hoban
Lived Experiences Panel Presentation: Rep. Graig Meyer, Rep. Carla Cunningham, and Hon. Matt Hughes
Programs and handouts
Keynote Speakers: Megan Wingate & Deborah Richardson
Special Guest Speaker: Kody H. Kinsley
Maneuverability of the room set-up - Grumman Auditorium