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All applications received by 3:00pm on normal business days will be processed same day.  All other applications will be processed the following business day.
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Are you the owner, tenant, or landlord? *
Was your date of purchase within 60 days from today? *
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Additional Account Holder

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Transfer of Service
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The State of Texas Open Records Act requires that public records be made available to anyone who requests them, however the specific exemption provides that utility billing customers have the right to request that personal information (address, telephone number or social security number) not be made available to the public.  You may exercise this right by checking the appropriate box below.
Required Documentation

Did you make sure your entire lease was uploaded? If only partial document was uploaded or not signed, your application will not be approved. Please make sure to review your scanned documents. *
Did you make sure your entire Closing Disclosure/Settlement Statement/Warranty Deed was uploaded? If only partial document was uploaded or not signed, your application will not be approved. Please make sure to review your scanned documents. *

 Trash Cart Request Form 

Instructions: Use the form below to submit a request for a trash cart. Once account is set up you are required to pay a $75 trash fee, to receive a trash cart to accommodate the weekly service. An additional cart can be purchased for Dallas County residents in the amount of $50 and $75 for residents of Kaufman County. The fee will be charged on the first month’s bill or a payment can be made in the office. A three month payment plan can be implemented upon request. 
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I understand that a $75 fee will be charged on the first month’s bill. *
Type of Request: *

 Returning the second cart to the City of Mesquite after terminating or transferring service will result in a final bill credit of $25

****Applicant must check each statement and authorization to acknowledge agreement

and then sign at the bottom of the page.****

I understand that a $100 deposit will be charged on the first month’s bill for residential accounts. *
I agree, both applicant and co-applicant, if any, have the authority to close the account and that the return of the deposit, if any, may be issued to the applicant or the co-applicant. *
I understand that I am responsible for all discharges of water on the customer side of the water meter, regardless if the discharge was a result of my actions or in-actions. *
I understand that a minimum monthly service charge will be assessed for my active utility account regardless of any water consumption. *
I understand that I am liable for any damage to the water meter installed on the property. It is unlawful for anyone to break, damage, tamper with, obstruct or prevent the proper operation of the water meter. *
I understand that a violation of any of the offenses listed above will result in additional fees for water lost, damages incurred, and criminal charges may be filed against the customer. *
I herby certify that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and by signing below I understand that all service charges will begin effective the service start date I have listed above if approved.
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