The City of Mesquite permits a courtesy adjustment for customers that have experienced a loss of water caused by a fracture or break in the water service line or a fault in a water fixture that has been repaired. Though the City of Mesquite is not responsible for leaks that occur on the customer’s property, we are able to review the water usage to determine if above average usage occurred based on the account usage history. If the account usage history is less than 6 months, the average will be based on water usage after the repair has been made. If above average usage has been identified, an adjustment will be made of 50% of the above average water usage for one (1) billing.

Is this a commercial or residential property? *
Was this leak due to the February 2021 winter storm? *
As a result of the February 2021 winter storm, the City of Mesquite will be providing a one-time courtesy adjustment to your water bill.  Your February usage will be adjusted to the LOWER of your January consumption compared to your February consumption. There is no action required by customers to receive this benefit. This adjustment should eliminate the need for a request for a Leak Adjustment due to excessive usage and pipe breaks caused by the storm.  If you choose to pursue a “leak adjustment” in lieu of the comparison usage for February, then please select continue and your bill will be charged the true value of your February usage and a leak adjustment will be reviewed for your account. *
Was the leak repair made by a plumber? (If yes, attach plumber's receipt) *

Upon completion of our review, the outcome of your request will be sent by mail. Submittal of a leak adjustment request does not exempt you from payment. Please continue to pay your water bill by the due date. If you are unable to pay your account in full, it is your responsibility to contact our office, prior to your due date, so that you may discuss a special payment arrangement with our customer service staff.


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