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Honors College Application
For Current TU Students
Thank you for your interest in applying to the Towson University Honors College. Please fill out all required fields on this page and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to complete your application.
This application is for current TU students only. If you are a new first-year student or are transferring from another institution, you must apply to the Honors College through the general Towson University application, available at
All internal transfer students admitted to the Honors College receive an Honors College Scholarship each year they are eligible in addition to any other scholarships and grants they may receive. Honors College Scholarships begin with the first term an admitted student enrolls in an Honors course. Students who accept an offer of admission to the Honors College by the start of the spring 2018 term will have the opportunity to register for Honors courses that term.
Applications to the Honors College are assessed on a holistic basis, with the applicant's academic record, record of leadership and service, and clarity of writing and ability to craft and argument all factored in to the decision. For applicants with fewer than 30 completed college credits, the academic record assessment is based on high school and college work, whereas for applicants with 30 or more college credits the academic record assessment is based on college records only. Decisions are made after the end of the fall 2017 term to take the applicant's GPA from that term into account.
Be sure to apply to the Honors College by December 1, 2017. In order for your application to be received, you must click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received. Incomplete applications will not be considered, and the form will close at midnight on December 2 to prevent applications in process from being submitted.

Student Information


Please attach a resume that clearly lists the following items within 1-2 pages:
(1)  Awards (academic and extra-curricular)
(2)  Activities that enhance global awareness (such as international travel, participation in a multicultural organization, coursework with an international focus, or other activities that promote a global perspective)
(3)  Leadership positions and development
(4)  Community service/civic engagement
(5)  Employment (if applicable)
Please note when you received the awards listed or the amount of time in which you participated in the activities.
TIP: The Honors College is interested in those activities that were most meaningful to you. In other words, the length of the lists in each category is less important than the experiences themselves. One example of a resume is:

Additionally, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other word processing programs have resume templates you can use. If you use a template, please be sure to keep within the 1-2 page limit for your resume.


Please attach a 500-750 word essay that answers one of the questions listed below.
TIP: Students who write outstanding essays directly answer the question, present a clear thesis at the beginning of the essay, and support that point throughout the essay. 
Essay Option 1: Pick a genre of music. Two hundred years from now, who will historians identify as the most significant musician/group from that genre from the 20th century? Explain how you define “significant.”

Essay Option 2: Technology and digitalization play an important role in our lives. However, for the past two years printed book sales have increased and vinyl record sales are the highest they’ve been in 25 years. Is this important? Why or why not?

Essay Option 3: At the end of the Harry Potter series in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book and movie) by J.K. Rowling, Harry gains possession of the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand ever made. Harry chooses to destroy the wand, breaking it into pieces and throwing the pieces away. Did Harry make the right or wrong choice? Why?

Essay Option 4: The passage below is from a speech made in the United States Senate at the beginning of the twentieth century. What are the implications of the idea of self-government as presented in this speech?

"Let men beware how they employ the term "self-government." It is a sacred term. It is the watchword at the door of the inner temple of liberty, for liberty does not always mean self-government. Self-government is a method of liberty - the highest, simplest, best - and it is acquired only after centuries of study and struggle and experiment and instruction and all the elements of the progress of man. Self-government is no base and common thing to be bestowed on the merely audacious. It is the degree which crowns the graduate of liberty, not the name of liberty's infant class, who have not yet mastered the alphabet of freedom."

Teacher Recommendation (Optional)

A letter of recommendation is optional, but strongly encouraged. The letter must be from a teacher of a major subject area - they can be someone who taught you in high school or at TU - and should address the questions listed below.
1. Does the student show curiosity in reaching beyond what is immediately required or expected?
2. Does the student contribute constructively in groups? Can you provide an example?
3. Would you look forward to having this student in class again? Why or why not?
4. If you could suggest an improvement in this student’s approach to his or her own education, what would it be? 
Letters of recommendation should be submitted by email to or by mail to:
Honors College
Towson University
8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252
Letters of recommendation must include your full name and TU ID, and be sent to the Honors College directly from the recommender. Letters sent in the mail must be unopened.

How did you hear about us?

Please tell us how you learned about the Honors College. (Select all that apply.)

Applicant Agreement

By submitting this application, you are confirming that all of the information that you have provided is complete and accurate. Failure to give complete and accurate information on this application will result in cancellation of the application or dismissal from the Honors College if enrolled.

IMPORTANT: You must click "Submit" in order for your application to be processed.
You will receive a confirmation email that your Honors College application has been received. Please make sure to check your email for this confirmation to ensure that we have received your application. Late applications will not be considered.
Questions? Contact us at or 410-704-4677.