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The Honors College Mentor database is designed for current Honors students to be able to reach out to Honors College alumni, parents, or friends of the college for mentoring. The partnership can be as formal or informal as the parties wish.

Mentors can serve in the following ways:

  • Participate in one-time informational interviews about their current or past positions or graduate school via email, phone, or in-person conversations
  • Develop supportive relationships with Honors students by sharing appropriate personal information about your own successes, failures, school and career choices, experiences, etc.
  • Support students through graduate school or job application processes
  • Direct students to resources available for research, fellowship, assistantships, or job opportunities
  • Introduce students to others in your field
  • Assist Honors students in applying their classroom knowledge to life and their future careers 
  • Serve as a general resource for information, support, and advice

The information below will be shared with students interested in finding a mentor in their respective field. The only mandatory fields on this form are name, email, and current position/program. Please share as much or as little as little as you would like. However, sharing a bit more about your experience may help to better match you with a student.

Please note, only fields containing basic information will be VIEWABLE to TU Honors students on a password-protected website. Students must reach out to the Honors College to receive any contact information or resumes. 

Once a relationship has been established, current Honors students can request up to (2) $3.00 on-campus dining vouchers for mentoring meet-ups per semester by contacting the Honors College at honors@towson.edu. This allows the student and mentor to get a cup of coffee or beverage of choice at no cost to either party for their mentoring meet-up.

*** Looking to change or update your mentor profile? Contact honors@towson.edu. 

Thank you for your time! 

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