H&H Fresh Fish Co. Community Supported Fishery Policy Page

Our Community Supported Fishery (CSF) Club    

The focus of H&H’s CSF CLubis on supporting the efforts of fishermen practicing sustainable fishing methods. We always choose our local seafood species and buy from our local fishermen when possible.  If there are no fish biting or being sustainably caught in our waters we will include hand-selected sustainable imports and exotics such as sashimi-grade Hawaiian Ahi (Yellowfin) Tuna or shellfish in your cooler. Your selection will vary from week to week based on seasonality and luck of the catch. You can expect to receive local species such as Salmon, Black Cod, Rockfish, Soles, Halibut, Seabass, Sand Dabs, Crab, other shellfish. etc.

Your Seafood Selection    

IMPORTANT: Our CSF Club is NOT an OPT-IN program or one where members get to pick their weekly selection.
What members get each week is whatever WE can get our hands on that it fresh, in season, and available enough to us in a quantity that we can supply all of our memers. We repeat: MEMBERS DO NOT CHOOSE. As we say to our kiddos: "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit." Ha! But not that harsh. 
We like to say this is the Fly By the Seat of Your Pants Seafood Lover's Club. Folks who are open to the surprise and the "grab'bag" feeling of this program will be the happiest. 
Members can expect to receive species such as Salmon, Halibut, White Sea Bass, Black Cod, Ling Cod, Rockfish, Tuna, Flounder, Sand Dabs, Soles, Ono, Opah, Swordfish, Yellowtail Mackerel, Sardines, Squid, Crab, Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, & more.
Of course, we are happy to work around member's particular dietary restrictons but we ask that this info be given right in the sign up process (there's a place to make these notes when signing up.) It's very important that we and our fishermen are abke to plan. Please DO NOT have a look at our Monday Newsletter and then reach out to us that you "cannot eart" whatever you just discovered is on the memu. We want to support your taste prefrences but we also encourage you to try new things. You can do this with the peace of mind that we offer a worry free, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee. We so appreciate your consideration and understanding. 
If you feel like this would not be a fit for you, we welcome you to shop with us at any of our 17 farmers' market locations or in shop, no hard feelings at all. We just want you to be happy and enjoy superb seafood!


CSF Club delivery days are every Tuesday or every-other Tuesday for bi-weekly members. Join the #FishTuesday club!
Our bi-weekly schedule is a set calendar so unfortunately, we cannot accomodate requests to switch weeks. 
We generously allow any stoe orders, account changes or requests to be made all the way up until 8am the morning of your delivery - we think this is pretty groovy so we ask that you comply. Please keep in mind that just by nature of dealing with fresh seafood, we are in such a rush on Tuesday morings to fillet, portion, rinse, bag, pack, load your coolers for a large amount of people and get youre deliverie to you on time, to have to stop for special modifications really throws a wrench into things for us. We love to be as accomodating as possible, but please be considerate of this. 

Preparing your Fish

Every Monday (the day before CSF deliveries,) members will receive a weekly CSF Newsletter outlining the week's selection and other opt-in products available for purchase through our online CSF store. This email will include our recipes and our favorite cooking techniques.

Your fish will be delivered packed in a ziploc usually and within a cooler bag with ice, . 

Please rinse and recycle or reuse your ziploc bags.  

Each fish can be cooked a variety of ways, with different finishing sauces, salsas or seasonings.  Have fun experimenting with different methods of preparation (baking, broiling, frying, sautéing barbecuing, poaching, or even a delicious simmered fish stew or soup). Just remember, the worse thing you can do to a fish is over cook it.  Watch the time and check it regularly.

The fish you will receive each week is clean, filleted (usually,) and ready to cook! If it's okay to eat raw, we will be sure to mention that in the weekly email. Fish may have skin and bones, as a matter of fact - it usually will. Because... fish have skin and bones; 😊Dungeness crab will be cleaned.

We recommend a cold water rinse and pat dry with most fillets before cooking. We work hard to keep exciting recipes coming your way so please feel free to share any of your favorites with us to share to other members as well.


Freshness Guarantee

At H&H Fresh Fish Co. we guarantee the freshness and quality of our seafood to last at least 2 days* if handled properly. If you are ever dissatisfied with the seafood you receive we will gladly replace it with an equal portion, no questions asked.
We use the utmost care to bring our customers the highest quality seafood. Fish is a very perishable product therefore we ask that once it leaves our drop-site cooler you take on the responsibility of maintaining it's freshness.  Please be mindful of your transportation time, car heaters, etc. We find that many species can last up to 5 days if transported correctly and stored extra cool in the fridge, such as in a cold drawer or kept packed on ice.

* We may suggest that some of the more perishable species such as sand dabs, squid, etc. be consumed within one day. Check the weekly newsletter for these special exceptions.

Our favorite way to keep your fish if unable to cook it Tuesday night is in the refridgerator in a bowl of ice. If there's any ice in your cooler - that's perfect to use to set your fish on in a bowl.. Oysters, clams, & mussels need to breath and should not be configned tight in any plastic bag.  If they are in a bag, simply open the bag in the fridge. 

Smoked fish can last several weeks if the seal has remained tight. Sometimes the seal will come undone or once it is opened, it should be consumed within 2-3 days. 

Your Farmigo Account

Our online CSF sign-up and payment system is hosted by our good friends at Farmigo. They handle many locally run fresh food programs and have a quality program designed to provide the type of flexibility we want for our customers. 

On Farmigo you will create a unique account, be able to track your account, place orders, modify your order and make payments, in a few easy steps! Our CSF Club operates year-round, and customers can join at any time. As a CSF Club member, you subscribe by placing your order and paying in advance by choosing one of our designated increments, with a minimum of 4 deliveries..  It then becomes your responsibility to manage your account on-line (modify your order, place a special order, change your subscription, etc.).  By signing up for the program you are agreeing to pay your account in a timely manner and keep your membership account information up to date.

We ae happy to help if you ever get locked out or need help understanding the operating system. We hope you enjoy the freedom to play around with it online including adding items from our CSF store to your delivery. 

ALl Club memberships start by creating a user name and password to your very own Farmigo account. This is the only way to sign up. Links can be found via our website at www.hhfreshfish.com. 

Delivery Method Options:

 1.  Drop-Site Pick-Up

We’ve arranged with a number of local businesses and residents (our best supporters) to be drop-site hosts for our CSF program all around Santa Cruz and numerous neighborhoods in the Bay Area.  The exact address will not be visible until you actually sign-up and become a member, but we do list the general areas where we have local drop-sites, along with the day and window of time for pick-up so you can decide if this might be the best or most convenient option for you. If you'd prefer to know specifics in advance, please feel welcome to email us. 

 2.  Seafood Delivery to your Door (SDD)

Within the sign-up process, please feel free to to leave specifics of where you'd like us to leave your cooler if not at the front door. If you will be gone for an extended amount of time, leaving out a cooler could be helpful as our small CSF coolers are not water proof and the ice may melt if left out for too long depending on the weather. On the day of your delivery please leave your empty small CSF cooler out for us so we can quickly swap it for your new one.

We are on a delivery route with a strict schedule, so please keep in mind that the drop localion should be one where we can quickly access, leave your fish, and swim on to the next hungry household. There is an extra charge for this service (varies depending on location and distance from drop-site).

Portions and Pricing

Our pricing is based on your desired portion size. A portion is enough for one person to enjoy and is based on the standard restaurant portion size of roughly 1/2 lb per person. This being said, we are not 1/2 lb. fish cutting machines, we do our best to get close but each portion may vary from 0.45lb-0.7lb. When choosing your portions remember that one portion is designated to equal one person. Please feel free to modify your order to meet your particular household needs (i.e.: if you have a hungry teenager in the house, or if you like to have leftovers, you may want to order an additional portion).  On the other hand, if you have 3 lighter eaters, you may be able to get by with two portions. The beauty of our partnership with Farmigo is that you can log-in and modify your order at any time - nothing is set in stone. 

The more fish you receive weekly, the easier it is for us to give you a price break.

Here is a list of our prices per week, effective September 2020:

CSF Pricing Guide

1 Meal per 

2 Meals per Week

1 portion



2 portions



4 portions











Email for pricing on special orders or events.

All CSF orders must be paid for in advance with a minimum subscription of 4 deliveries.  See the “My Farmigo Account” section below for an explanation of the payment, terms and renewal options for subscription/membership in the H&H Fresh Fish CSF Club.

Seafood Delivery to your Door will include a $10 per delivery additional fee if within our delivery range. Delivery to addresses outside our range may be considered for an increased fee of $15-20. 

All Club members get a discount on all their purchase with us at our Harbor Fish Market or Farmers' Markets. Just mention you're a CSF Club member for $1/lb off any seafood item you purchase. 

Cooler Bags & Start Up Costs

New members pay a one time $10 start up fee to cover cost of your H&H custom cooler bags and admin fee. 

Each member gets 2 cooler bags, one to take home full of fish and one that we will keep to fill the following week. They remain on that rotation. Each member is responsible for his or her own coolers. You are required to bring your cooler bag with you every time you pick-up your fish. 

If a cooler is lost it can be replaced for $5. In this event we ask that you purchase an additional cooler from our Farmigo store before your next pick-up day. If we notice that it is damaged from normal wear and tear we will replace it for you at no charge.
Should you ever forget to return your cooler one week, not to worry. We have plenty of loaners or may pack your share in a gallon Ziploc. Just please try to bring both the following week and rinse/recycle/reuse your ZIploc. 
Time Restrictions for Next Day Deliveries

You may log into your Farmigo account at any time and add extra portions to your account, smoked fish, or other items from our online store to your order. If you would like these items on your next CSF drop-off please make these orders online by 8AM TUESDAY, the day you are scheduled to pick-up your cooler and we will have ample time to prepare your order. To guarantee your delivery you may also call us to confirm/verify that you will receive your order on short notice. Note that when you place your order on-line the cost will be debited from your Farmigo credit balance. Special orders cannot be cancelled once they have been filled.

Pick-Up Protocol:

Pick ups are self-regulated and on the honor system.

When you go to your designated drop-site there will be a large cooler stocked with the individual Club member coolers. Find the cooler inside with your name on it and sign your name off on the sign-out sheet. Please also indicate whether or not you returned your cooler bag.

  • If your name is not on the list but you still find a cooler with your name on it, you may write in your name at the bottom of the list.
  • If your name is on the list but you do not see a cooler with your name on it, please contact us immediately and we will find a solution for your particular situation.
  • If your name is not on the list and there is no cooler with your name on it, please contact us and we will find a solution to your particular situation.
  • If you get home and feel your cooler is not the correct portion you signed up for, you are missing an extra item, etc. Please contact us and we will find a solution to your particular situation.
In the event that a member forgets to pick up, no worries - we and your site hosts are here to help! Please contact us to arrange a Wednesday pick up if need be. After Wednesday, your share gets donated to your site host. We ask that members please do not take advantage of this courtesy and not plan on a Wednesday pick up regularly. 

It is your responsibility to remember to pick up your seafood on the correct day during your drop-site's pick-up times. If you do not make it in time, we cannot refund, replace or give you credit for your missed pick-up.


We would love to get you your cooler bag every week and understand that sometimes there are emergencies and unforeseen events. If you realize you are not going to make it to your pick-up on time, contact us by phone or email before the pick-up time is over and we will try our best to arrange something for you. If you are able to catch us before your driver delivers, we are happy to have him/her hold yours back and in that case, we can place a hold so you are not chaged. 


Please try to avoid making special arrangements often, as it takes an enormous amount of effort to coordinate our CSF from procuring to packaging to delivering that extra accommodations make it difficult for us to run our business. We will accommodate you in an emergency, but cannot make these special accommodations on a regular basis. SUGGESTION: get a neighbor or friend to join the program with you and take turns doing the pick-up - that way you have a built-in back-up.

Please Respect our Site Hosts

Please do not disturb our site hosts that have been generous enough to allow us to use their property/premises as a drop-site. Our pick-up sites are at members' private homes and places of business, unless you have received specific permission from them, please do not disturb, or press them with questions. They are not involved in the operation of our business and will not know any details or specifics about your membership or weekly/special order. Please respect the times they have allowed for members to access their property for pick-up of your cooler. If your pick-up site is at a residence please do not park in their driveway. At each drop-site there will always be a clipboard with our phone number on it if you need to contact us.

Vacation Policy

Members are welcome to place holds on their delivieries for any amount of time. One week to a few months. The sooner holds are placed, the better so please be proactive if you know you'll be away. As with store orders, it would be helpful if your hold was placed no later than the Monday before deliveries. 

You can place a hold online or by emailing us.

There is no fee to put your account on hold. Your credit balance will simply not be debited during the times you are on a hold and your credit balance will remain unrouched in your account. 

Some other alternatives to consider if you cannot pick up your share may be:

  • Gift it to a friend, family member, house-sitter, pet-sitter, etc.*
  • Ask someone* to pick it up for you if you cannot make the pick-up and you can enjoy your seafood later in the week
  • Ask a friend to pick it up and freeze it for you
  • Donate your share to a local family in need
  • Etc. get creative!

*If you have someone else pick-up your share please verse them in our pick-up protocol and make sure to give them the address of your drop-site. You are unable to see the exact address of the drop-sites online unless you are a member of our CSF. Also please be sure to give them your cooler bag from the previous week to drop-off.

Drop-Site Capacity Requirements

Please note that although we'd hate to turn a fellow fish lover away, if any drop-site fails to meet capacity requirements we may have to cancel that site or waitlist it until a later date when member capacity has been met. In the event that a drop-site does not meet capacity requirements, we may ask that members designated to that site either choose an alternative site, put a hold on their account until it becomes available, opt for home deliveries (where applicable,) or take their credit in the form of credit to use with H&H at any of our Farmers' Market locations. or Harbor Fish Market. 

Members can help us avoid this by referring our program to local friends and neighbors. Remember, for each whole season joining member you refer you'll receive $10 credit towards your account. Consider a rotation amongst your neighborhood where neighbors take turns picking up for each other. Thank you.  

Accepted Payment Types

We prefer PayPal and e-checks via the Farmigo system. 

We will also accept Venmo (@HHFishCo,) cash, credit cards, and checks.

To pay via Venmo, please send the amount listed in your sign up screen to @HHFishCo. Venmo is not connected to Farmigo and therefore your credit may not show up instantly in your Farmigo account. 

If you wish to pay by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, & American Express) please email us requesting a credit-card payable invoice via email. Square is not connected to Farmigo and therefore your credit may not show up instantly in your Farmigo account. 

If you pay by check please make sure to list the name of the registered CSF member in the memo portion of the check if the name on the check does not match one of the registered contacts for your membership. Please mail all checks to our Harbor shop/office (H&H Fresh Fish Co., 493 Lake Ave., A Santa Cruz, CA 95062) or deliver in person to our fish market representative. Cash payments can also be made at our Fish Market. 

Please keep in mind that we cannot begin your deliveries until we have received payment.

We will be in touch with you if the mail delay causes a different first delivery date than that listed in your confirmation email. 

If you should happen to bounce a check (this includes e-checks), we reserve the right to collect a fee equal to the amount the bank charges us, plus $25 to cover the logistical costs inherent in correcting the situation/arranging for replacement payment, etc.

Your Credit Balance

Once members join and make their initial payment, they will see it, minus the start up fee, in their account listed as a balance. This is a CREDIT BALANCE. The credit you "buy in" with will then remain as a credit balance in your account and get debited each time you receive a delivery for the amount of that delivery. 

If you are on a hold, your credit balance will not be debited. 

Upon sign up, the Farmigo system designates a price for you based on your membership/share size times how many deliveries you sign up for. This is the total you pay. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that sometimes this credit isn't used perfetly evenly if members are adding items from our online store. The store items will ALSO be debited from your credit balance. 

Debits and automatic renewals, for those who signed up for them, happen at midnight the eve of your delivery. If you wish to cancel your auto-payment renewals, please let us know BEFORE the next payment processes, so we don't have to keep your finance charge fees our payment vendors charge us before sending you a refund. Payments can always get reversed or refunded, just sometimes with a fee as mentioned above.

When your balance reaches a $0 or negative balance, we will check in with you to see if you wish to continue. If you are on auto-pay, we do not check in so plesae remember to cancel if you're ready for a break. 

We will not deliver to you without adequate funds in your credit balance to cover the entirety of your next scheduled delivery amount. In some cases, special arrangements can be made if we have a history of credit with you and know you'd like to continue and a payment is on the way. We never like to assume mebers want to continue when their funds run out. 

If you'd like a break but have a little remaining credit in your account, we can simply send it back to you, or let it ride until you're ready to resume with deliveries again. 

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Look, we simply just really want you to be happy. We ask that membeers commit to a minimum of 4 deliveries (1 month or 2 months for bi-weekly members,) but if something comes up unexpectedly or this program just isn't a fit for you, we don't mind sending you a refund for your remaining balance. 

In the event that a refund is requested, we WILL BE DEDUCTING THE FINANCE CHARGE WE PAID VIA OUR PAYMENT VENDOR from that refund sent back to you. We hope you can understand this. For instance, if you didn't cancel your auto-payments on time and decided to take a break after an $80 PayPal purchase has charged, we will only be refunding the portion of this income that we received after our fees. 

Of course, if any payments were a mistake of ours, we will absorb the finance fee. 

You are allowed to change your subscription portions midseason, add/remove optional add-ons, donate your membership, or receive a reasonable compensation (as decided upon by H&H Fresh Fish Co.) for any errors on our part that H&H assumes responsibility for and agrees to.

All in all, we just aim to keep it easy breezy for you. We aren't in the business of charging folks for any seafood they don't want to have or enjoy. 

That being said, we reserve the right to refuse service to any member that makes us uncomfortable in any way deemed inappropriate and/or unprofessional. We've had an unruly member or two in the past that were just going to be impossible to please. We reserve the Soup Nazi right to: "no fish for you."😉 We pride ourselves on great customer service but we also have to have boundaries when trying to operate a program such as this. Please be patient and kind and we promise to do the same. 

Formatted Text

Referral Rewards

The finest compliment you can give us is to recommend our fish and our CSF Club to your friends and neighbors. For each joining member that you refer, H&H will add $10 to your credit balance. Be sure to remind your friends and family to mention you in the "referred by" area of their sign up process. If they forget, either you or they are welcome to email us.


By signing up with H&H Fresh Fish Co. I (member) am stating that I have read and agreed to these terms.

We Have your Back

Contact us anytime. We want you to be happy with your membership in our CSF program so anything you need just send us an email or give us a call and we will try our best to help you out. We aim to please!

Phone: (831) 462-FISH
Email: info@hhfreshfish.com

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