HFA Helping Hands
Since 1997, Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) has provided the Helping Hands Program, assisting the most vulnerable families in the bleeding disorders community facing financial hardship due to a recent crisis. Helping Hands provides some relief and helps our community members focus on what's important: their health.

HFA's Helping Hands Program runs several programs:
  • Emergency Assistance: supports families experiencing hardship directly resulting from or impacting the bleeding disorder with urgent funding for basic living expenses such as housing, car payments, utility bills, or funeral assistance
  • Items Assistance: assists with the cost of durable medical equipment and other medically necessary items
  • Inhibitor Support: supports families affected by inhibitors with the cost of medical transportation and tutoring/educational supplies.*
  • COVID-19 Relief: assists households experiencing significant loss of income due to COVID-19 who need assistance for basic living expenses such as housing, car payments, or utility bills
  • Disaster Relief: provides community members who are displaced or impacted by a natural disaster with immediate financial relief.
*Households affected by inhibitors are eligible to apply for all components of HFA's Helping Hands, not just Inhibitor Support.


Which Helping Hands service category are you applying for: *
If you experience any problems or have questions,
please call our office at: 202-675-6984.