HFA Helping Hands

COVID-19 Relief Referral

HFA's COVID-19 Relief Fund provides rapid financial help for members of the bleeding disorders community whose income has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 and who are unable to pay an essential household bill (mortgage, rent, water, electricity, phone, or car payment) due to reduced income. Assistance for approved households will be applied directly toward the bill due. Applying to the COVID-19 Relief Fund will not impact a household's eligibility for Helping Hands.

HFA is continuing to raise funds for the COVID-19 Relief Fund. Please understand that since many are financially impacted by COVID-19, there may be a large response which could result in processing delays or exhaustion of funds. HFA strives to make the application process as efficient as possible.

We count on our referrers to know the situation of the household they are referring. If the household’s financial need is A) not urgent, B) unrelated to COVID-19, or C) cannot be served by payment toward one housing, utility, or vehicle bill, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS REFERRAL. Check eligibility for HFA’s Helping Hands programs or resources on our Patient Assistance Portal.



  1. The applicant has a bleeding disorder or lives in the same physical household as a person with a bleeding disorder.
  2. The applicant resides in the U.S. or a U.S. territory.
  3. The household income has decreased because of the COVID-19 public health crisis.
  4. The household is unable to pay one or more essential household bills (mortgage, rent, water, electricity, phone, or car payment) because COVID-19 has decreased financial resources.
  5. The household has not previously received $750 from the COVID-19 Relief Fund. If the household has already received $750 from the Fund, and the household is facing dire circumstances, referrals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with no guarantee of approval.

Application Process:

  1. An eligible referrer submits a referral. Eligible referrers include:
    • Physician, nurse, or social worker from a Hemophilia Treatment Center or other healthcare organization
    • Representative from a national, regional, state, or local bleeding disorder organization
    • Homecare/pharmacy representative
    • Not a relative or employer of the applicant
  2. Online referral form: Make sure your referrer has information needed for the referral. The more information submitted online, the quicker our follow-up application call will be. 
  3. Confidential application call: An HFA staff member will receive the referral and call the applicant to confirm information and complete the application. Staff will also share additional resources that may help the household. Calls are made in the order referrals are received.
  4. Efficient, effective help: If the application is approved, funds will be paid directly toward the bill (payment to landlord, utility company, etc.) so recipients get quick relief.

Please contact HFA at helpinghands@hemophiliafed.org with any questions.

If you experience any problems or have questions,
please call our office at: 202-675-6984.