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Confidentiality Statement for Users of the University of Minnesota Fellowship Proposal Archive
1. No Use of “Insider” Information.

As a user of this archive you have access to information not generally available to the public. You must not use that information for your personal benefit or make it available for the personal benefit of any other individual or organization. This is to be distinguished from the entirely appropriate general benefit of learning more about the application process, learning from other students, or becoming better acquainted with the state of a given discipline.

2. Your Obligation to Maintain the Confidentiality of Proposals and Applicants.

You are being given access to proposals in confidence and you must protect the confidentiality of their contents. For this reason, you must not copy, distribute, quote, or otherwise use or disclose to anyone, any material from this archive.

Unauthorized disclosure of any confidential information could subject you to sanctions.
Confidentiality Agreement
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