Graduate School Co-Sponsorship Grants

The Graduate School considers formal requests from University of Minnesota units, faculty, and graduate students or postdoctoral organizations for small discretionary grants to co-sponsor events that directly support graduate student and post-doctoral scholar training.

Please complete the following Eligibility Verification questionnaire before moving on to the Request Form.

A formal response from the Graduate School is typically communicated within 2 weeks of receipt of the request.

Eligibility Verification

Who are the direct beneficiaries of the proposed activity? (Note: to be eligible for funding, the activity must directly benefit at least one of the following and preference is given to activities involving both populations.) *
What Graduate School priorities does this activity advance (check all that apply). (Note: to be eligible for support, the activity must be directly related to at least one of the following priorities.) *
Have at least 50% of the required funds for this activity been committed or received? *

If your activity meets the eligibility requirements, please continue to the next section.