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The COSP Writing Initiative envisions SPARK as a space where COSP Scholars can craft engaging stories, in a variety of formats, about their research and why their research matters.  SPARK is an open access, multimodal, digital platform that values community, innovation, creativity, language accessibility, and public scholarship.

Submission Requirements

In order to submit to the SPARK e-zine, you must read and acknowledge that you have fulfilled the following requirements. Please check each box to indicate your acknowledgement. *
Contact from SPARK Editorial Board: *
Acknowledgement of Copyright Statement: All work published on the SPARK platform will have a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 International License.With this license, the author(s) retains the copyrights to their work. The CC-BY-NC-ND licence grants permissions for all users to quote, download, copy, and distribute the work as long as appropriate credit is attributed to the author(s), the work is used for non-commercial purposes, and the work is not modified, altered or transformed.  All images submitted for publication need to be captioned and cited. Any additional permissions or fees for sharing, text, images, and/or audio is the responsibility of the author. *
Permission to include email contact information. *

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