Bridging Funds Request

For eligible candidates, bridging funds will cover twelve months of health insurance on the Graduate Assistant Health Plan (GAHP), if not already covered by the external fellowship award or program.
This request must be completed by the Director of Graduate Studies or designated program staff (not by the student).
The same username/password may be used to submit multiple nominations.  Do not share access with your students.
To update existing requests or to add additional requests, log-in with your username and password.
All of the eligibility requirements must be met to qualify for bridging funds.

Training grants and fellowships awarded to faculty PI are not eligible for bridging funds.

External Fellowship Details

Is this a multi-year award?

Fellowship benefits such as student fees, travel, research grants, or other benefits are not included in the qualifying minimum calculation and should not be included in the stipend, tuition, and health insurance fields below.

Does the fellowship include a stipend?
Does the fellowship include a health insurance allowance? 🛈
Students receiving a 50% assistantship do not qualify for bridging funds.  The assistantship already provides full tuition and health insurance benefits.
Please indicate if the student will be receiving an assistantship:

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