The Saplings program at Fernbrook Farms is a play-based nature program for young learners ages 3-5. Sapling students will have the unique opportunity to develop meaningful connections with their peers, teachers, and the natural world while immersed in the diverse ecosystems of Fernbrook Farms.

Our Saplings program is specially designed to provide the roots that will allow children to grow and develop at their own unique pace. Each day will follow a set routine that will provide opportunities for children to participate in activities where they will be encouraged to ask questions, seek their own answers, and openly explore the world around them.

For a description of our general protocols for Fall 2020 under COVID-19, click here.



Mornings (9 – 12:30)

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Sept. - June



Sept. - June



Sept. - June


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16 Weeks

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*Aftercare is available through our afterschool program.

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