Availability is limited. If you would like to join our afterschool/virtual assistance program, please contact Brian (brian@fernbrookfarms.com) before registering.

For a description of the education center's protocols for fall 2020 under Covid-19, click here.

Looking for options this school year? We have the ideal virtual assistance/afterschool outdoor classroom!

Due to our limited capacity, we are only offering our virtual assistance/afterschool program to a limited number of school districts.
Our virtual assistance/afterschool program runs from 8 am - 6 pm daily.
You can register for one day a week or up to all 5!
Our virtual assistance/afterschool program will allow students to login to their classes (while being outside) when they need to and then let them play outside and engage with nature when classes are over.  Of course, when they need to complete an assignment for class, we will prioritize their school commitments and make sure they complete their school responsibilities first.
When all school commitments are complete, we will offer a mix of structured activities while also giving the kids 'free time' to play in our nature hide-outs, while also making time to visit the animals, and more!  All the favorite activities are sure to happen from exploring the forests to catching fish...what more could you ask for!
If you have questions about our programs being the right fit for your child, please don't hesitate to call (609-298-4028) or email (sean@fernbrookfarms.com) us.
Please be prepared to dress for all types of weather as we plan to be outside as much as possible.
These amazing opportunities to have quality time outdoors are just $6/hour.  Billing will be done after the completion of each month and are based on the total hours of attendance for the month. 
As schools return to in-school instruction, we will adjust our programs accordingly and will update you.

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