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Nationwide 'YourLife Current Assumption Universal Life' is a flexible premium life insurance policy covering one person.  It offers life insurance protection and some cash value buildup, meeting two needs with one policy.
Nationwide 'YourLife Whole Life' is a whole life insurance profuct.  It offers permanent life insurance protection providing lifetime coverage, as long as the premium is paid when it's due.  Some of the money paid into a whole life policy is guaranteed to grow.  The death benefit may make whole life insurance a good choice for protecting your assets like your home or business.
A great choice for most people, especially young families just starting out. Nationwide 'YourLife' Term is a life insurance policy that offers level premium protection for a specific period of time (or term). Premiums are guarnteed to remain level for the selcted term period.  Term life insurance is designed to be reasonably priced protection that helps take care of your family, home or business if something happens.
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