2016 Dalai Lama Fellows Application - NYU


Dalai Lama Fellows, an ethical leadership and social change initiative that is personally authorized by the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, is driven to build a world that works for all. We do this by guiding a global network of young social innovators to deepen their effectiveness by integrating secular ethics, contemplative values and compassion. Dalai Lama Fellows is non-sectarian.

We award year-long Fellowship grants of up to $6,000 to undergraduate and graduate students who want to design and launch ambitious "Compassion-in-Action" projects.  Beyond funding, the Dalai Lama Fellowship guides young people toward personal and social transformation through an ethical leadership curriculum and personalized coaching that supports the Fellow in personal development and project success.

After being selected, all Fellows begin their immersion into our ethical leadership curriculum in April 2016 with “Tilling the Soil”.  This is a set of reflective exercises and Skype conversations with our program staff, designed to prepare Fellows for intensive learning and growth at the Ethical Leadership Assembly (ELA).  ELA is a weeklong convening of new Fellows and those from past years and is held near San Francisco, California.

Funding covers project expenses and airfare to the Ethical Leadership Assemblies, to be held in July 2016 and again in 2017. Room and board at the Ethical Leadership Assembly is covered by the program.

Learn more at: http://www.dalailamafellows.org/program/apply/


This application form is specific to NYU students. If you are not a student at NYU, please refer back to our website and select the correct form for your school.

  • To be eligible to apply, a candidate must be:

    • Enrolled as a full-time student at NYU during the Fellowship year;  

    •  Incoming freshmen and graduating seniors will not be eligible;

    • Able to attend the Ethical Leadership Assembly (ELA) from July 1-8, 2016 and again in July 2017;

    • Available to engage with the Tilling the Soil curriculum and refine the proposed compassion-in-action project beginning April 1st, both through self-guided learning and conversations with Dalai Lama Fellows Program Directors;

    • Prepared to dedicate sufficient time and energy to both the project, the year-long Ethical Leadership curriculum, and the Dalai Lama Fellows community.

    *Please email Director of Fellows Selection, Bela Shah, at bshah@dalailamafellows.org if you need more information on any of the eligibility requirements.

    At NYU, applications are due by February 1, 2016.


The DLF Fellowship experience is an intensive, year-long commitment that mentors a Fellow through a mindful, compassionate, and ethical approach to social change.

This year we are inviting interested applicants to participate in an honest self-reflection process that offers an opportunity not only to apply to our program, but also to reflect on personal values and goals.  Through thoughtful discernment, applicants will come to realize whether this is the right experience for them at this time in their life. Their reflections will also help our team better understand candidates and discern whether DLF is a good fit for them.

As you reflect on and respond to these questions, remember not to tell us what you think we want to hear. Take this process as an opportunity to be courageous. Be authentic with yourself and share that authenticity with our team.

The preliminary application process entails your response to two questions. We highly recommend that you take the time to respond to one question at a time in order to receive the full benefit of this reflective process.  If you are selected for an interview, you will be asked to submit your response to a third question on which you will have the opportunity to elaborate during your interview.

Thank you for your interest in Dalai Lama Fellows. If you wish to engage in this reflective process, please create an account (link on the next page) and complete the application.

Questions can be directed to Bela Shah, Director of Fellows Selection, Dalai Lama Fellows at bshah@dalailamafellows.org. 

Learn more at: http://www.dalailamafellows.org/program/apply/

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