Welcome, Citizen Diplomat!

Congratulations on taking the first step to assisting the public diplomacy efforts of the United States! The Cleveland Council on World Affairs welcomes international visitors from around the world to Cleveland each year through various profesional and cultural excahnges, mostly as a partner of the U.S. Department of State. We invite the Northeast Ohio community to have a personal and cultura experience with the international visitors as a local Citizen Diplomat. Through these opportunities listed below you will find some tryly implacful ways to build bridges of mutual understanding with visitors from all over the world.

Home Hospitality/Dinner Host: Invite international visitors into your home for a meal and to share cultures. Hosts generally pick up and return visitors to their downtown hotels, but Uber/Lyft's can also be arranged. Our international visitors always point out that spending time in an American home is the high point of their visit to Cleveland and to the United States.  Friends and family are always welcome!  

Overnight Home Stay Host: Invite international visitors into your home for a full "American immersion" experience. Groups stay in Cleveland anywhere from one weekend to three weeks; details of each particular program vary.  These are great opportunities to really get to know other cultures, show visitors the American way of life and, of course, have fun!  

If you are interested in hosting international visitors at your home for dinner or overnight home stays please complete the following section. Please write biographical information in the third-person (e.g. The Smith family is fluent in Spanish).
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a host with the Cleveland Council on World Affairs! A CCWA staff member will be in touch soon.