Hudson County
Board of Elections



Board worker eligibility includes:
-You must be registered to vote in the Hudson County.
-You must have your own transportation to and from the polls.
-Are at least 16 years of age. College and high school students are encouraged to apply.
Note: Those under 18 years of age will work limited hours per shift and do not have to be registered to vote. Contact the County Board of Elections for further information.
-All Board workers are encouraged to vote by Mail-in Ballot.
Please upload any available IDs in accordance with the categories in the link above.

Are you available to work

The Municipal Election *
The Primary Election *
The General Election *

The School Board Election *
Will Work In Another Municipality *
Supportive service questions

Are you able to pick up the supplies? *
Are you able to return the supplies? *

Have you previously served as an election board worker in hudson county? *

Are you bilingual? *
Applicant must read before signing:
This application, signed by the applicant under his or her oath, shall state: (1) the applicant’s name and address; (2) the applicant’s age, if the applicant is less than 18 years of age; (3) the political party to which he or she belongs or, if the applicant is not affiliated with a political party, the fact that the applicant is not so affiliated; (4) that the applicant is of good moral character and has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude; and (5) that the applicant possesses the following qualifications: eyesight, with or without correction, sufficient to read nonpareil type; ability to read the English language readily; ability to add and subtract figures correctly; ability to write legibly with reasonable facility; reasonable knowledge of the duties as an election officer. N.J.S.A. 19:6-2b. I certify that the above answers and information are true and that this application and signatures are in my own handwriting. *