ASHT 2017 Annual Meeting
American Society of Hand Therapists
Anaheim, CA
Breg FastForm
Hands-On Workshop
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FastForm: Highly Conformable, Upper Extremity Splinting
Session Description:

During this session, we will demonstrate how to create custom splints for the hand and wrist using the FastForm Versi Sheet and Hand Based Thumb Spica Orthosis (HTSO). Examples of these custom splints are extension blocks, tendon and finger splints as well as an orthosis for CMC injuries. The attendees will then get the opportunity to touch, feel, and mold the products.

The FastForm products are made of two key technologies, the PolytreXx polymer and the Dermawick liner. When heated, the PolytreXx polymer becomes pliable and conformable. Once molded to a patient’s individual anatomy, the brace cures to a high strength, ventilated immobilization orthosis. The Dermawick liner, an integrated fabric liner that wicks moisture away from the skin, minimizes skin irritation and allows patients to use these products in and around water without worrying about itch or odor.

The Versi Sheet is a ‘blank canvas’ combination of the PolytrexX polymer and Dermawick liner. It can be used to form custom splint or cast like the extension block that will be demonstrated. The HTSO can be used for treatment of the ulnar collateral ligament injuries and provides stabilization of the first metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint.
The FastForm technology creates a custom‐moldable, lightweight and strong orthosis that also allows patients to shower and swim like normal. The products can be used as a splint, cast or brace and are intuitive and mess‐free when applied. It is quick and easy to fit and can be remolded as needed.

The objective of the session will be for each attendee to get an opportunity to work with the polymer and create a custom splint.
Presented by:
Cynthia Henderson, OTC, CO
Director of Clinical Education
Breg, Inc.
Date: Friday, October 13, 2017
Time: 12:30P - 1:00P
Room Name: Orange County Ballroom, Salon 2
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