ALEPH Financial Aid Application

ALEPH is committed to making our programs financially accessible. In doing so, we try to balance our ability to meet individual requests with our ability to spread our resources among as many participants as possible. Please support us in this endeavor by considering your request for financial aid carefully.

Payment Plan

Before applying for financial aid, please consider that ALEPH is willing to arrange for payment plans. Given that option, perhaps you can arrange for one to pay the full cost. For information about payment plans, please contact Stephanie Bello at 215-247-9700 x260 or at

About T'rumah Financial Aid


- Financial aid is need-based and can be requested for any ALEPH program or retreat that states assistance is available.
- Limited funds are available. Aid will be offered on a sliding scale (potentially between 10% to 45% of the fee) based on availability.
- Please make your application for the upcoming retreat registration ONLY. You may apply for additional support before each retreat.
- Who can apply? Applicants must be approved for program participation before receiving financial aid. Applicants with outstanding balances due to any ALEPH program (with the exception of pre-approved payment plans) are not eligible for financial aid.

Click here for details of ALEPH Registration and Financial Aid Policies. 

NOTE: You will be notified once a decision has been made about your application.

ALEPH Retreats and Trainings - Financial Aid Application

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