Manhattan Meat Market 2018 Holiday Orders

Take one more thing off your Thanksgiving and Christmas to-do lists by pre-ordering your holiday dinner meats or any of our other products and we will have it pre-packaged and ready to go for you!
  • Beef
    • Braveheart bone-in or boneless rib roasts (prime rib): wet aged bone-in or boneless ribeye roast, cut to your specification in approximately 3-20 pound sizes for bone-in or 3-15 pound for boneless.
    • Braveheart tenderloin: whole, wet-aged beef tenderloin, approximately 4-5 pounds.
    • Braveheart strip-loin: wet aged KC strip roast, available in 3-11 pound sizes.
    • America’s Best Steaks bone in or boneless rib roast (prime rib): 28 day dry aged ribeye roast, same amazing product you’ve enjoyed with individual steaks, available in 6-15 pound sizes.
    • Seasoning and vacuum sealing options:
      • Herb-crusted rub: We will season your roast or tenderloin with our house made fresh herb and garlic rub and vacuum seal. Simply remove and place directly in your roaster or smoker or place entire bag in water bath for sous vide preparation.
      • Al’s Top Shelf rub: Same preparation as above, but with Al’s Top Shelf Rub from Moburt’s.
  • Pork
    • Ridgecrest Spiral Cut Ham: all-natural top tier ham spiral cut for convenience, 8.5 pounds
  • Turkey
    • Norbest Fresh: fresh, never frozen turkey, available in 12-18 pound sizes.
    • Prairie Organic: all natural, USDA organic certified whole turkey, approximately 13.5 pounds.
    • Yoder Meats Smoked turkey: whole turkey smoked to perfection by Yoder Meats, all you need to do is warm it up, 10-12 pounds.
  • Lamb
    • Brunkow Farms leg of lamb: Wamego, Kansas raised, bone in lamb roast, 4-6 pounds
    • Brunkow Farms rack of lamb: Wamego, Kansas raised, 2-4 pounds
  • Kansas Meat and Cheese Sampler
    • Features a selection of Kansas summer sausages and cured meats, Alma Creamery cheeses and accompaniments.


  • Charcuterie Sampler
    • Features a selection of American made charcuterie imported and domestic cave aged cheese and accompaniments.

Holiday Order Information

Item | Price/lb | Desired Size (lbs.)
 QuantityDesired Size (lbs)
Braveheart Beef bone-in rib roast | $17.99 per/lb | 3-15 lbs.
Braveheart Beef boneless rib roast | $19.99 per/lb | 3-15 lbs.
Braveheart Beef tenderloin roast | $29.99 per/lb | 4-5 lbs.
Braveheart Beef strip-loin roast | $17.99 per/lb | 3-12 lbs.
ABS dry-aged bone-in rib roast | $24.99 per/lb | 6-12 lbs.
ABS dry-aged boneless rib roast | $26.99 per/lb | 6-12 lbs.
Add: Herb Crusted Rub (total) | $15 per roast/loin
Add: Al's Top Shelf Rub (total) | $10 per roast/loin
Ridgecrest Spiral cut ham | $3.99 per/lb | 8.5 lbs.
Norbest Fresh hen turkey | $2.99 per/lb | Approx. 12 lbs.
Norbest Fresh tom turkey | $2.99 per/lb | Approx. 18 lbs.
Prairie Organic turkey | $5.49 per/lb | 13.5 lbs.
Yoder Smoked turkey | $3.99 per/lb | 10-12 lbs.
Brunkow Farms Leg of lamb | $10.99 per/lb | 4-6 lbs.
Brunkow Farms Rack of lamb | $11.99 per/lb | 2-4 lbs.
Item | Price
Kansas Meat and Cheese Platter, Small | $20 (serves 12-15)
Kansas Meat and Cheese Platter, Large | $40 (serves 20-25)
Charcuterie Sampler, Small | $40 (serves 12-15)
Charcuterie Sampler, Large | $70 (serves 20-25)

Customer Information

$25 deposit due at time of order
(If needing to pickup other than these dates, please call the Market at 785-712-2888)
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