First Time Parent Membership*

This membership is limited to first-time parents with a child under 18 months old. Membership will expire at the end of the month the child turns 18 months. (e.g., birth date 10/1/19 would expire 4/30/2021). 
Families may enroll up to two named adults and qualifying infant. These names cannot be changed in the membership period. The Primary Adult must be the parent or guardian.
All required fields must be completed or membership will not be activated.
No membership cards will be issued for First Time Parent's Membership. You will need a photo ID to visit the museum. You will receive an email with your ID number and expiration date. Save this for future visits to WonderLab.
We know you're excited about having your baby, but please wait until after your baby is born to apply.
It may take up to three to ten business days for a membership to be entered in our database, so please print out the success page once you are finished as proof of completion. You will receive an email with your membership ID number and expiration date once your membership is activated. Please keep this handy when visiting the museum.
*This is a pilot program and details are subject to change.

Primary Adult (must be parent or guardian of child listed)

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Second Adult

If there is no second adult, please just put "none" in the required fields.

Child's Name (for twins, triplets, etc., use a comma)