Gate Fob Order Form

Credential Order Form

The maximum number of credentials (fobs) you can have are three. Orders for more than three will not be filled. If you require more than 3 credentials, please contact Taylor Gonzalez at

ID is required when you pick up your credential. If you rent your home you'll be required to show the first page of a valid lease. Payment can be made by check or money order. Please make your payments out to The Townhomes at Westwood Village Owners Association. Credentials are not mailed.    

You may mail your check ahead of pick-up, but it's preferred that you pay when you pick up your credential. Gates Hudson's address is 3020 Hamaker Court, Suite 300, Fairfax, VA 22031.  Please coordinate with Taylor prior to picking up your credential to ensure it is ready for you. Taylor's email is 

To receive a replacement credentials please provide the serial numbers on you existing credentials (below), so the lost one can be deactivated.


Please list existing serial numbers on the credentials, if you're replacing your credential.

Mango Credential

Mango - Dimensions - 1.25"H x 7/8"W x 1/8"D -
The Mango key fob operates like a card reader. 
To open the gate, you will need to swipe this FOB
across the reader on the call box.This fob works like
the card entry into the clubhouse.

Monarch Transmitter Credential

Monarch - Dimensions - 2.4"H x 1.4"W x .51"D -
The Monarch credential goes onto your key chain. You will
open the gate by pressing the button on the credential.
You don't not need to remove the credential off the
key chain to open the gate.

Stingray Transmitter Credential

Stingray Transmitter - Dimensions - 3.26"H X 1.88"W x 62"D
The Stingray option clips onto your visor.
You wil be able to open the gate by pushing
the button on the transmitter.