The Coterie Theatre 2020-2021 Audition Form
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              2021-2022 Youth Audition Form
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About our Acting Apprenticeships on our mainstage:  Students perform alongside adult professional actors.  There will be no open call this year.  Students who have taken our classes or Master classes are eligible to be considered (as well as youth outside our classes who submit a photo and resume).  All youth cast will be expected to sign a contract.  Apprentices 16 and older may be paid a weekly stipend.  Depending on the show, rehearsals are five to six-hour daily beginning 2-3 weeks prior to the first performance.

Rehearsals:  All roles are paid for rehearsals and performances.  Depending on the show, six to eight-hour daily rehearsals may be held daytimes or evenings, or both.
Performances during the school year: Performances typically run Tuesday-Friday at 9:45 OR 10:00am & 11:45am OR Noon (usually two each day), plus Friday nights at 7:00pm; with Sat/Sun performances at 2:00pm.  Each show runs approximately 60 to 80 minutes.
Performances during the summer: Performances typically run Tuesday-Friday at 11:00am & 1:00pm, plus Friday nights at 7:00pm, with Sat/Sun performances at 2:00pm.  Each show runs approximately 60 to 80 minutes

2021-2022 SEASON

The Coterie's 2021-2022 mainstage season continues to evolve as we plan for productions with a live audience.  Submissions received will be considered for youth roles in productions taking place through July 2022.
We cast roles for Equity and non-Equity actors in all shows (exceptions: local tours and UMKC co-production.) *


Coterie productions take place during the school day.  Students must be homeschooled or able to miss school on all performance dates (not rehearsal dates).  Check an option below: *

Students who are able to check the above boxes (where missing school for daytime performances is not an issue) and have no conflicts, could be invited to attend a callback on a show-by-show basis May-September.  No phone calls or emails, please.



Are you a strong and experienced singer?  If yes, list your vocal range (if you know it) *
Are you a strong and experienced dancer? *
Students in our Audition Lab classes (school year and summer) and Musical Theatre summer camps are always considered for roles on The Coterie's mainstage and could be invited to be a part of our Master Classes.
Jeff Church, Producing Artistic Director