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The purpose of the Clearng the Path primary weight corridor system is to connect and seamlessly move Saskatchewan's vast array of commodities and industry at primary weights, begining in and around RMs, to the provincial primary weight network and to the National Highway System, then finally to ports to export globally.
Clearing the Path Program Governance:
The CTP program is part of the Rural Integrated Roads for Growth (RIRG) program. RIRG is a Ministry of Highways municipal funding program that supports economic development in the province. Day-to-day operations of the RIRG program are administered by SARM. Decisions are made jointly by the Ministry of Highways and SARM and co-managed through a Program Management Board that includes representatives from both SARM and the Ministry of Highways.
Dynamic Funding:
Funding for the CTP program is limited. For the program to be sustainable over the long-term, the funding must be reallocated periodically to follow the major economic drivers of the whole province, as well as support the concept of “one-network”—integrating rural roads with provincial highways. This means that CTP funding is always dynamic and not permanent.
Project Application:
Applications for new Clearing the Path Corridors are now being accepted. Sucessfull corridor application will be implemented in the 2023-24 fiscal year.
Road Authorities may apply for multiple proposed corridors, however, each corridor requires separate completed application forms.
Applications received via email or hardcopy shall not be accepted.
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